Welcome to the Rapid City Trap Club



Rapid City Trap Club League
Tuesdays,Thursdays & Sundays

If you have questions about our leagues or if you are interested in sponsoring or joining a team please come visit us at the trap club.  We are located 3 miles south of Rapid City on Hwy 79.  You can also contact us by phone at 342-9450 or e-mail tbacon5816@aol.com

 It's that time of year again, lets get ready for Spring League!

Teams & Sponsorship – The cost to sponsor a team is $75.00  A sponsored team can then be made up of 5 or more shooters.  The top 5 scores from each team will be used to calculate the teams score for that week.

Classification & League – During the first three weeks of league - each team will shoot 25 rounds from 16 yards and 25 rounds from a further distance to help handicap your team and create competitive divisions.  Once the divisions have been established – teams will compete with other teams of similar capabilities.

After Classification – Each week - shooters will shoot 25 rounds from 16 yards and 25 rounds from a further distance.  The ‘further distance’ can change each week depending on how other teams in your division have shot.  This is done to keep divisions competitive as the league progresses.

Weekly Scoring -  each shooter on a team will record the number of targets broken from 16 yards.  We use the top 5 scores from team members to post a ‘Singles Score’.  Each shooter will then record the number of targets broken from the ‘Handicap Yardage’ or the yardage your team shoots the second 25 targets from.  Again, we use the top 5 scores from each team to post the ‘Handicap Score’.

Shooting Days & Hours – Open shooting to include Spring, Summer, Fall Leagues on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.  4pm – till close.  Shooters typically shoot with teammates, but are certainly not required to.

Costs to participate – Club membership is required for each team member. Annual membership is $30.  The remaining weeks cost $15 to shoot each week.  Shells are available for sale at the club and they are typically $7.00 per box.

Everything we do at the club is meant to encourage the sport of competitive shooting.  With each team allowed a minimum of 5 shooters or more and only 5 required to post a score, it does not obligate shooters to participate each week. 



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